One night

One chance

One winner

PRIZE OF £30,000


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The One Magic Competition

The Rules

  1. This is a competition open to all stage and theatrical close-up performers
  2. All acts must submit an unedited video of their act for consideration
  3. All acts must run between 7 to 12 minutes
  4. The first prize will be £30,000 (UK Sterling)
  5. The winner will receive a specially designed trophy as part of the prize
  6. The judges will consist of three notable magicians and their decision will be final
  7. The management will pay hotel and registration costs for all performers (not crew)
  8. Upon being selected, all acts must book and pay their own return airfares, visas, and freight costs to Blackpool. They must also provide proof that all tickets and paperwork have been booked and paid for. Only then will they be confirmed as a competitor.
    This information must be submitted by 30th November 2024.
  9. Each act will be given a 45-minute onstage rehearsal time. This will be at a time TBC over the convention weekend, and this will be strictly adhered to. There will be no exceptions
  10. The chosen eight acts will perform twice on the night of the competition and the winning act could potentially perform twice on the Sunday Night Gala Show
  11. Selected competitors agree to keep their participation in the competition strictly confidential. This must be strictly adhered to
  12. The closing date for all submissions will be the 31st October 2024 and the selected acts will be confirmed during the first week of November 2024.