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Thursday September 26, 2024

Vinny Sagoo, close up, mentalism lecture

For over two decades, Vinny led a successful career as a lawyer, tirelessly working long hours, and dedicating his life to the legal profession. However, there was always a secret yearning that he couldn’t ignore: a passion for magic and inventing. To date, Vinny has invented over 300 magic tricks, some of which have featured on TV and many magazines. Vinny’s magic has been used by professional magicians and young children all over the world. Vinny is also the author of an international bestselling book called ‘Mind The Maths Magic’, which helps children aged between 6 – 16 learn maths and magic in a creative way. Since 2018, Vinny has been trotting around the world, spreading joy and wonder at magic conventions and lectures. On the night, Vinny will amaze you with some easy math-based magic that’ll have you looking like a genius. Oh, and he will be showcasing a few of his latest and greatest tricks. PLUS – SPECIAL OFFERS ON THE NIGHT!