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Thursday November 28, 2024

Adam Bloom, stand up comedy

Last year, Adam Bloom wrote an advanced book on stand-up comedy. ‘Finding Your Comic Genius’ has not only been a best-seller in U.K, U.S. and Canada, it’s also taken him around the world to host book masterclasses. Adam is coming to Blackpool to do a talk about his book and what it can do for magicians. He’ll also be selling and signing books afterwards. 

“He’s been one of my favourite stand-ups for about ten years” Ricky Gervais

“No one on Earth knows more about stand-up comedy than Adam Bloom” Jim Jefferies

“Adam explains things about comedy I didn’t even realise”  Rich Hall

“Adam Bloom is the right person for this job as he writes some of the best jokes I’ve ever heard” Harry Hill