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Paul Martin Lecture, 14th May, 8pm.

Would you like to take your magic to the corporate stage?  

Do you have an act that’s suitable for any venue, any stage, and any audience?  

In this interactive lecture ‘TAKE TO THE STAGE’ Paul Martin lifts the lid on the REAL secrets of creating a corporate stage act and shows you the best ways to develop an act that suits you, your style and character. 

You’ll learn how to create an act that doesn’t rely on special staging or angles, doesn’t take up too much space, and doesn’t require a lot of technical support. The best part? You probably already own all the tricks you’ll ever going to need to make your act a success! 

PLUS: Learn Pauls secret that has got his act onto some of the biggest stages around the world.  

So if you’re ready to take your magic to the next level and TAKE TO THE STAGE, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the busiest corporate stage performers in the business. 

And YES… He’ll be teaching a few tricks as well!

The Pro Magic Academy was founded in 2020 by Paul Martin and Jon Ensor. They offer online courses and coaching programs to help professional entertainers achieve business success. They have currently helped over 400 students put together award winning shows, develop new confidence on stage, and achieve success that has changed their lives. Our mission is simple ‘Your Success In Magic and In Business’